#1 Pro Tree Cutting Service in Nashville TN - Knowledgeable and Professional

Pro Tree Service Nashville is a locally owned and operated full service company that does nothing but work with trees. We know that trees – timber – is valuable, and that not all trees need to be dropped and ground for mulch or split for firewood. Many are very valuable species for veneer, specialty wood use, timber, or other uses, and selective cutting allows the remaining trees to become healthier and stronger through sharing the more abundant sunlight and nutrients. Sometimes you need a piece of land carefully scaled, prepped, and felled for a certain size or species to open up the canopy in a tract, or prepare a parcel for construction while saving prime trees, or a specimen tree such as a massive black walnut that sadly, simply must be taken down. Or, you may want to selectively remove diseased, dying, or trees with challenges such as lightning damage or large hollows, dropping those to cure out for firewood while not damaging surrounding trees which could cause disease and decay issues. Those times you need a professional, experienced service for tree cutting Nashville TN has come to know and trust for their care, concern, and wisdom in choosing and select cutting trees.

Reputable Tree Cutting Nashville Saves Your Trees and Money

Many people in middle Tennessee enjoy using some of their own timber in their homes, whether for wall or floor plank, furniture construction, a mantle, or other amenities. That, along with those situations mentioned above all need a professional tree service that knows not only how to correctly and safely fell trees in a stand or around buildings, but knows trees, their growth patterns, and the industry in general. Our experienced crews know how to safely drop your chosen trees with as little issue to others as possible, and we have the correct equipment and highly trained crews to do just that. Sometimes a large specimen tree is close to an old split rail or stone fence, or towers above a home or outbuilding. We have the equipment to safely section, rope off, lower, and cut the limb and trunk down maximizing the wood recovered, so your property is safe, other trees included. We know that the remaining trees are valuable as well, for shade, clean air, beauty, and possibly more veneer and timber in the future. By intelligently choosing the trees to cut, we help keep your other trees healthy, your property safe, and your woodshed full of firewood for the year. We can drop the trees and leave them for your splitting and hauling, or arrange to place them in a convenient general area and out of the woods where you can process them, split for firewood, or have picked up and taken to the local sawmill. We will clean up the debris or leave it to break down, your choice, and can even take care of stump grinding should you desire it done. Call us for a free quote, and we will come walk your trees and have a chat. We love being in the woods, and we know you love yours, too.

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