What Happens in Stump Grinding Nashville TN

When a tree is cut down or dies and falls from disease, it usually leaves a pretty predominant stump. While stumps make a place to put flower pots and for the cat to sleep, they are not the best thing to leave standing on your property. Stumps invite insect infestation, fungus and molds, and tree disease, let alone residences for critters with fur, teeth, and stingers. If you have ever tried to grub out a stump, particularly one of our hardwood trees, well, let’s just say sweat and swearing tend to come with the territory. Don’t let a stump in your yard deface the beauty of your landscaping or become a safety issue when grinding it down is fast, easy, and reasonably priced. Our experienced team at Pro Tree Service Nashville can give you a quote and set a time to quickly and cost effectively grind your stump to the ground, distribute the mulch or haul it off, and treat any remains to gently break down. Call us for your free estimate to eliminate those trip hazards and hornet houses from your yard today, or fill out our contact form and we will call you to come take a look and give you a quote. We make sure your yard and surrounding landscaping is not damaged, and keep an eye on rock walls, brick fences, or buildings close by to avoid any potential damage.

In Nashville Tree Stump Removal is Important

Since most of the Nashville “Bowl” was heavily forested, and most outlying areas still are, trees were cut out over the last 200 years to make way for homes, barns, farms, pastures, and things like roads. The old way to remove the remains of a tree, or stump, was most often cut it as close to the ground as possible then light a fire on it, burning up as much as you could, or hand grubbing – a painstaking, back breaking digging, prying, and knuckle busting endeavor. Both usually left roots, many times large ones, still in the ground to decay. All of us have seen roly-poly yards in The Athens of the South where it is obvious trees once stood. Those lumpy yards and holes that develop under drives and roads, drain fields and fences, create problems. It Is important to remove as much of the stump as possible, through grinding down or removal, to avoid cave-ins, upheavals of lines, and destroyed foundations and walls. Structural collapse, let alone the mere potential for injury from a stump being in a yard causing a trip and fall, is very real in our area.

Tree stump removal Nashville TN likes the results of starts with Pro Tree Service Nashville. We are locally owned and operated, do our own work, clean up our mess, and do it reasonably and fast. You will be pleasantly surprised how much better your yard or property looks without stumps and short snags poking up, and the chip mulch helps provide nutrients to your yard, flower beds, or the surrounding forest. Let us make your property prettier and remove those stumps with efficient grinding work done by insured and licensed professionals. You will be happy with the results, like our price, and pleased our crews still have old southern manners, we guarantee.

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