Land Clearing Nashville TN is a Tough Job

When you have four beautiful seasons, rich soil and the right temperatures, you have the perfect mix for heavy woods and hardwood forests. We love the beautiful woods around Nashville, and we call it home. Sometimes home needs help, though, when those woods are too full of thicket, the blackberries and brush have taken over, or saplings are overwhelming. You might need an area cleared for a new construction site, to run power or a well line, cut a road, or clear for agricultural or pasture land. Those jobs are tough ones and take expensive equipment and know-how to clear the land while doing as little damage to the soil and ecosystem of the area as possible. Land cleaning needs to be done without leaving a mess or causing erosion issues. It needs to be sensitive to the surrounding area, with debris removed or mulched, and any wood that can be salvaged, salvaged if at all possible. We also know how toxic some clearing remains are, especially if you have tough stands of poison oak or ivy, which is why we do not recommend burning debris. Our resources are abundant in middle Tennessee, and taking care to clear land appropriately saves those same resources for future generations.

Tree Removal and Land Clearing Nashville TN Needs Done Efficiently and Right

Nashville Tennessee land clearing needs to start with a plan about what needs done and how to do it the most economically with the least damage to the remaining land or forest. This is true whether you are cutting a fire trail, clearing paths, or clear cutting for new pasture or cropland. Being conscious of the ground is extremely important to any new construction or utilities being laid, so there is as little soil disturbance as possible, with the outcome of avoiding erosion and runoff being first priority. Often roots and rock have to be gone through when clear cutting is done, and stump grinding and removal is an important consideration. You cannot run conduit or pipe through roots with much success, and those roots may belong to a massive statement tree outside your clearing area. We know how to mitigate those issues from our many years of experience in clearing land all over the middle Tennessee region. Mulching, depending on size chip desired, can leave nutrients slowly releasing back into the soil or help build soil loam faster when chopped smaller. Runoff and mulching are two issues that only experience will help provide the best solutions, and are always present with our hilly region, rock outcrops, and clay hardpans. We are especially watchful for creeks and natural water flow areas, which can be seriously affected by run-off, creating blockage and flooding if not done right. We also always check for wetlands and pull all necessary permits and follow the legal means to properly clear and clean those areas on your property, so wildlife and watershed can continue to co-exist happily.

Call Pro Tree Service Nashville when you need responsible, experienced, efficient, and reasonably priced land clearing. We will give you a free estimate after walking your property and be happy to take care of your project.

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