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Pro Tree Service – More Than Just Tree Removal Nashville TN Needs Done

There are lots of cities that brag about their trees and call themselves the tree capital of wherever, but there are very few that actually have the forest to prove it like Nashville and middle Tennessee region can. The Nashville Basin has been known for over 200 years as a hardwood haven with rich soil, ample water, and beautiful, healthy forests. We take a lot of pride in our trees and make every opportunity to showcase them as magnificent specimens or along an alee on our estate lanes. What would a drive in rural Tennessee be without a tree canopy? It would not be the Tennessee we know and love, for sure. When you need tree services in Nashville TN and the surrounding area, call the professional tree service crew at Pro Tree Service Nashville. We are locally owned and operated, with years of experience in the hardwoods and conifers of middle Tennessee and the surrounding region. We know how to best trim, fell, and remove trees and brush, as well as stump grind and remove, land clear, and care for commercial properties unlike any other company in town. Call us for a free quote or fill out our contact form to see how we can care for your precious trees like they were our own.

Knowledgeable Tree Cutting Service Nashville TN Appreciates

Nothing breaks our hearts more than to see beautiful, stately trees crown cropped or with one whole side missing from improper tree trimming. Too often this bad haircut leads eventually to the death of the tree, often in short order from insect invasion, fungus infection, or instability during storms from the damage that was done in the “trim”. There is almost no occasion when this kind of brutal pruning is justified or advisable to a tree, especially a mature one, and it sadly often is a supposed “fix” that becomes an expensive removal issue later, besides leaving a sad, gaping hole to the landscape of a property. Tree trimmers Nashville TN needs to use are those who care about and for the trees we cherish in our area. Pro Tree Service Nashville is a full service tree care company, and we know how to trim, cut, remove, and care for trees in our region better than anyone. We can provide a free quote about how to deal with a damaged tree, one that endangers property or buildings, or simply needs a good trimming, without creating unsightly damage to the tree and endangering your valuable tree property. Let us advise you from our years of experience how to take care of the problem at hand, and turn it into a win for you and one for the tree in question.

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Tree Trimming Nashville Must Get Done to be Safe

Tree trimming, tree cutting, and tree removal, as well as land clearing, are all hard jobs that carry a risk of injury, especially to someone who is not experienced, does not have the right equipment, and does not know how to safely do the job. Too often buildings or vehicles end up being damaged or someone gets sent to the hospital when a professional tree service company could have avoided all those problems at a very reasonable cost. Special equipment and training is needed, especially when trimming large trees, felling one, or removing one from a rock outcrop, away from a building or fence, or especially here in middle Tennessee, above a structure, whether from growth or location. Handling a live chainsaw up in a tree is a job for trained, insured professionals. Don’t take chances. Call Pro Tree Services Nashville for tree service Nashville TN knows and trusts. We work efficiently and cleanly with trained crews to take care of whatever tree need you have, and we do it for a fair price. Take the stress out of the tree that ice sent over your fence and power lines. Call the professionals at Pro Tree Services for a free quote, and let us do it for you.

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Tree Service Nashville Has Done is More than Trimming or Cutting

Pro Tree Service Nashville has a full range of tree service Nashville TN offerings to take care of tree needs. Besides tree removal, we do trimming and cutting, stump grinding and removal, land clearing and commercial tree care. We know that yards are a big source of pride in the middle Tennessee region, and our beautiful variety of hardwoods, conifers, and other trees and shrubs provide ambiance, habitat for birds and animals, food for them and us, cooling and temperature regulation, cleaner air, and seasonal oh’s and ah’s. You only have to drive anywhere in our gorgeous state to see spring dogwoods in bloom and fall brilliant colors to know why Tennesseans take so much pride in their trees and work to keep them healthy. Whether you need a single dead tree safely taken down, limbs removed over your roof so ice and wind do not do it for you with disastrous results, general pruning and trimming to shape and sculpt your specimen trees, or have an emergency when a tree comes down during a storm causing problems, call us. We love trees, we know Tennessee’s trees, and we work hard to take care of them and your property at the same time.

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Fast, Efficient, Reasonably Priced Stump Grinding Nashville TN Likes

The first time we ever tried to grub out a fence line of tree roots, we learned just how hard the job it, how much the body disliked it, and mostly, that the tree roots were ancient poison ivy tree root size. It was not a good experience. Don’t make it yours when you have stumps to grind and roots to remove in our beautifully foliaged region. Stump grinding removes the remains sticking up in your yard from trees that have fallen or been removed, leaving an unsightly and potentially hazardous remains. Grinding a stump down is very cost effective, and the mulch can be saved for your use, spread, or removed. You get your yard back and no longer have a trip hazard to worry about your grandbaby running into during their first softball game. Stump removal is another option, getting rid of the roots that collapse into cavities after rotting, causing foundations to fail, drain lines and utilities to uproot, and walls to crumble. We are the best stump grinding and tree stump removal Nashville TN company, and we give free quotes. No job is too large or small, and we will not tear up your yard in the process.

Pro Tree Services Does Tree Removal Nashville Needs the Best

Pro Tree Services Nashville is locally owned and operated. We live here and we know and understand the variety of trees and shrubs we may encounter, what they each need, and how to best care for them. We work closely with property owners to cut and drop for firewood cutting, pulling for timber and sawmill processing, land clearing whether a trail for ATV riding or fire break, and handling emergencies caused by trees. We are licensed and insured, and have years of experience doing what we do best and love – trees. We are quick to respond, reasonably priced, insured and licensed. Our crews are trained, courteous, and clean. Let us quote your next tree job, whether it is one tree that needs removed or an entire acreage that needs prepared for the plow or new construction. Our estimates are always free, and done with a smile and Southern courtesy, just like we were raised. We would be proud to take care of your trees and leave you with a smile at the results.

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The Top Nashville Tree Service is Pro Tree Service Nashville

Whether you have land clearing on Nashville TN area acreage needing done, tree trimming at your business building, or some home grown tree cutting Nashville designers love to include wood from in country and rustic local décor, call us. We know and love trees, as they are part of our homegrown heritage as well. We are locally owned, locally operated, and do our own work. We are licensed, insured, and follow local regulations taking care with wetlands, watershed, and environmentally sensitive areas. Our years of experience lets us know the local species, how they react, which trees do best where, and how to care for each of them properly. When you need land clearing done, our crews are thorough, efficient, and clean up debris with no mess left to burn. We work closely with property owners to keep what they want, remove what they do not, and maximize the outcome for beauty and return through timber sale if you desire. We know that grinding stumps and mulching limb litter provides valuable nutrients back into your soil and helps nurture your remaining trees and landscaping to provide those showcase yards and properties we all enjoy viewing so much in our middle Tennessee region. If you need commercial tree care, our crews travel from Atlanta to Knoxville, west to Memphis, and of course, anything in the remainder of our fine Volunteer State. Pro Tree Service Nashville always provides free quotes with a smile and looks forward to working with you on your tree needs.